Carine Rotfield for Mac

There are moments in life you do need someone to pinch you. Moments where you just where in the right place at the right time and things had an amazing result. Moments to be just grateful  because life has some cool surprises for you besides the things that are gifts and sometimes we take for granted. Two years ago I started this “fashionable adventure” , a camera, a Castelbajac show and a a venue to express my passion to one of the reasons I came to Paris (Fashion!!). At the time I was happy to look from a distance, to see a show, to recognize a designer, today I had a first, that feeling where you are not just watching you are a little (not that I think “in” is the goal) but when you turn on one side and you have Valentino, on the other Alaia and in front Carine  and Anna Dello Russo singing and dancing and happy you are taking her picture you understand you have had a wonderful journey (specially if you dreamt about it when you where a teenager!). I dedicate this post with a big smile to The Universe, Miracle Man and Sara Gori the two people who without knowing help me made my dreams come true. I hope in heart you are out there making yours come true too and getting that magical assistance in the process.

Be in your Dream,



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