Saint Laurent SS 2013

Rock Laurent – The New Era

So what was “The Event” of the ss 2013 fashion week?…the first presentation of Hedi Slimane for the legendary house, the elite of the fashion world was there (Wintour, Elbaz, Dundas, Furstenberg, Hayek, Dermarchelier, Mr. Berge) you name it or imagine it they where there. All in the expectancy of what was going to happen. In what would  be described as a black box with surround sound and rock-cowboy music Slimane showed the world his vision for the house, taking the most important elements of the brand, what we would call its DNA ( Smoking jackets, pants, safari jackets, gipsy dresses, some ethnicity , lots of black and sheerness) he injected rock and rejuvenation, the house is ready to step into the future, but being very aware of where it came from, no need to break completely with the past, simply re-invent it. Attending this show has had its certain magic for me, as I was backstage after the show I felt a little surreal with all the  people that was around me, and the moment, so many things are possible when you listen to your gut, weather it is fashion, art or whatever lingers in your dreams and heart, get quiet and listen, you may be surprised where the little voice takes you to :).

Be Re-invented,



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