Dior Spring Summer 2013

21st century

Today I had the wonderful opportunity to see the Spring Summer Ready to Wear collection of Dior, designed by Raf Simmons, a first , even though he had already done a superbe Haute Couture with his unique minimal style, the expectancy was quite big on how he would fusion his unique vision to the DNA of the legendary brand, indeed we see the influence of Simmons is stronger than the roots of the brand, we can see a little of what he did for Jil Sander in this first show, some colors, shapes are in the same line, but he has managed to marry that with Dior and the result has been quite amazing, a step to the new phase of the brand, younger, sober and clean. If you observe closely in the first picture you will see I was in front of our favorite Devil (Dressed in Prada) so I could see every single move she made while analyzing the collection… quite entertaining :).

Be in the future,



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