Temperley SS 2013

Mixed Inspirations

The more I follow fashion closely, the more shows I see, the more I realize that it is quite difficult to get compelled by an image or look (without having to go on expresses, on make-up or scenery (Galliano or Vivienne Westwood Style) , juts because the look is perfect, they styling and the design just make the best match. As I am reviewing the London collections I this two looks from the Temperley SS 2013 collection stroke me. The hat of course helps, reminding me on the vintage Balenciaga hat mixed with a vietnamese taxi dairyer, the Herve-Leger bustier and the soft touch of Temperley. I really think is one of the nicest looks, maybe a wink to the future forms, that we could see too at the Alexander Wang show this season, of course with his very own sport-chic way more that feminine.  This Spring Summer 2013 will be a good time to mix your different inspirations to create your look of the future.

Mix and Match,



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