BibianaParis – New Age Chic


In these times where people are more interested in new age subjects (energy, chakras, stones), it is interesting to see the possible merge of fashion and this interests. What if what we wear has a positive influence in our energy besides making us chic and unique, wouldn’t it be the best combination? Well the movement is beginning, Bibiana Gimenez is a self-thaught jewelry designer that has combined her two passions : accessories and natural stones. She created her own brand Bibiana-Paris, she is a close friend of mine so  have seen the birth of this unique brand, from concept to piece. She created everything everything from scratch, created the website, texts, photo styling and yes the modeling, just look at the amazing pictures, it is a beautiful example that once you decide you want to do something, go for it, you may not know everything but you will make it on the way, so if you are sitting on an idea, please start now!!

Inspired on the chic style parisienne, she has personalized it with her keen interest  in stones that she related to the different planets, naming the different pieces after the planets.

Here I show some of my favorite pieces (Mars, Venus, Saturn) shot by El Malik, and the amazing black and white portrait taken by Noor for his mermaid project (I will make a post on that one of these days).

To view the whole collection of Bibiana please go here.

Be a Dreamer,


Yavidan V.

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