Best FW 2012 Ad Campaigns

Creative Extraordinaire

I apologize for my long absence, vacation can get in your head and you don’t necessarily get inspired to write ! But as I return to my Paris I picked up the albs (916 pages) Fall Vogue. Half of the pages almost are ads, so I decided to make a post on my favorite ads. After so many years of glancing through fashion magazines I confess not many ads impress, it is not that they are bad, it is just that they are the same season after season, but of course always you will find  those are that extraordinaire, they tell a story, they come from a video, they are the perfect continuation of the fashion show or simply they are visually compelling, here are my favorite.

1. Givenchy 

Photographed by the talented Mert Atlas and Marcus Piggot, this campaign was a a video-shoot where models danced to the camera to get several poses to give a unique effect to the ad, this effect reminds me a little of the Lanvin fw 2011 campaign. You have to see the video to get it, so please! click here.

2. Prada Men’s 

The moment I saw the pictures of this season’s men’s show I fell in love with the idea, all those great multigenerational actors (Gary Oldman, Garretrt Hedlund , William Dafoe, Jamie Bell), but then came the campaign that was the perfect continuation to the show, carrying that russian flair, they also have this video. The campaign was photographers by David Sims.

3. Louis Vuitton

Using the amazing 8 million dollar train used at their FW 2012 show, Marc Jacobs called Steven Meisel to recreate the magic go the show, casting 10 models to as passengers of the Louis Vuitton express that not only showed in Paris but Shanghai. This is a perfect of literally the show in the ad.

4. DVF

I did not like the whole campaign where Arizona Muse is the star and was shot by Camila Akras, but I loved the picture I posted, the effect bag ad, the bag, the model and the sea behind gave it a unique perspective.

5. Donna Karan 

I always love her ads, she has a story, that even though is similar in style every season, there is that elegance and sophisticated flavor of new York city, Aymeline Valade captured by Russell James is the perfect muse.

6. Belstaff

Yes the main reason I like this campaign is the fact that princely Ewan McGregor  is in the campaign but also this campaign come from a video that you can watch in their site. You will see Karmen Perdaru all shot by Craig McDean.

7. Calvin Klein

Again the magical duo of Mert and Marcus make their magic but with the number one model Lara Stone, respecting the eternal CK black and white style they continue the feeling of the brand, it is not very innovative but because it keeps the core value of the brands it differentiates from the other ads in the magazine.

8. J.Crew 

The classic American brand uses  influential people often and in this season it was no exception but has a “real” people approach with a clean white background a catchy line, in comparison to the other brands you can identify with them. The used the concept on both men and women, but in women because they are launching their bags and shoe online shop they used important fashion editors as models ( Julia Sarr-Jamois (Wonderland), Caroline Issa and Virginie Mouzat (le Figaro).

9. Salvatore Ferragamo 

Why do I like this campaign? It demonstrates why Kate Moss is such a good model, as she can look like the sexy girl next door in the Rag and Bone Campaign she can be the glamourous lady at the russian embassy for the Salvatore Ferragamo campaign.

Et voila hère is the small resume of my favorite campaigns, if you are in fashion photography and want to compel look to create stories, unique ones, beautiful ones, Newton said that successful editorial spreads or ad campaigns are the ones that don’t look like one.

Be Creative,



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