Natalie Massenet

The other Ana Wintour

  Nathalie Massenet can be considered one of the most influential people in fashion, as the creator of Net-aPorter the website that gave a new meaning to luxury-shoppint on line, this former fashion editor from Tatler, hit the jackpot with the creation of her site Today Net-a-Porter is the most important luxury-retail site in the world, selling the latest fashion from the the best runways all all over the world (established names and emerging). Her site is not only a store, but also a magazine with life, every week she creates a      e-magazine with the latest trends, close ups as interviews in writing or video, all this makes it one of the top websites in fashion. Today after more than 12 years in business this site, temps the desire of luxury of women in the four corners in the world , this said  Massenet has enough power that established  brands want her on their side, as what she buys will be exposed to thousands of potentials customers that can buy anything in one click, and in the other hand emerging names pray that her or someone of her team have interest and buy. This said as time passes she will have a parallel influence to editors like Ana Wintour as the fact of her liking a product or brand can mean at some point, international exposure and sale, that goes a step further. I like her story as she started with a simple idea (selling the latest designer clothes on line) to becoming an empire, all with some vision, guts and of course luck.

Be a visionaire


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