Akris FW 2012/2013

The Perfect Green and The Turning Point

 There are times when I get in a show and I have no idea how am I going to photograph it, how can I get a good angle, either I am behind people or in the wrong corner, but at the  end that complicated position gives you a gifted perspective (that is what I like to think!) In the case of the Akris show it gave me the opportunity to photograph the girls at the moment they turn at the end or the runway having a unique angle, just what I love to get in the runway and in life. Going to the collection! very important, I really loved it, Akris has a unique architectural feel to his forms and cuts, always using amazing colors and custom made prints that compliment the prints. My favorite color this season: green, the Akris green, which you better watch out since it will be one of the hottest tones of the season ;).

Get Green



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