Armani Prive FW 2013

Beautiful Moments

There are moments in life that are quite difficult to describe, you are happy, excited and grateful for those little/big gifts life gives you.  Making this post is a really sweet milestone in my fashionable adventure, if you read this post you will understand better :). More than a year ago when I started I remember standing out the this particular show, trying to get a glimpse of Sofia and of course being close to The Giorgio Armani :), today it became a moment in reality, a sweet one. The magical hand of miracle man to get in the show (Lately I have been working hard with my inner James Bond and the rising Violeta, but there is always a need of that miracle hand 🙂 ). They show was really beautiful, hard to describe with words, it was a sensorial feeling between the dresses, the lights the music, Armani named his collection Lumieres du Jour , indeed in the 20 minutes show we felt that feeling that the different phases of the day can give you, the light and the shadows and the nuances in between, just beautiful, just a little like life in all is details come more joyful others less there can be a little magic. That was for the show, then there was sofia who I saw more that a year ago and now you have her  from the front being interviewed after the show and lastly a little moment with Armani, that I got thanks to my previous job (not in fashion) but yes in Trocadero, where I saw Mr. Armani come and go for the last 6 days to prepare his show at the Palais Chaillot, thanks to this I got the little information of where I could meet him, and there you go. I just can leave you with this few points : Please Dream, Believe, Act, Be Patient, Seize Opportunities, Everything is for a Reason,  but most important follow that heart  and let beauty and magic rule your life :). Oh This one is for Miracle Man and all the people n all this time that have been there in this adventure.

Love you,


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