Givenchy Men SS 2013

What the Doctor Ordered

So I could not go in to the Givenchy SS 2013 show… but my inner James Bond helped me get to the backstage, I wanted a photo of Riccardo Ticci for my collection of Designers, I did get a picture (not a very good one I am afraid) but I got Jesse Williams from Grey’s Anatomy and a new idea. The Smile Project, is quite exciting to start it with a celebrity 🙂 (A quite handsome one). The idea is to photograph people serious and smiling to visually see and corroborate that a nice smile is the the timeless accessory you should never forget, and after covering 3 seasons I notice that models, people or who ever you want to photograph, the don’t always smile, they pose, or are more serious, but when you tell them to smile it is an instant change. Here is my first experiment, it was quite fun making Jesse not only take him a picture, but that he accepted doing what I want :). In the mean time, Smile.

Be Joyful,



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