Kazz Yamamuro

The Red Briefcase

Very, very rarely I ask people to take their picture, it is just not my thing, but once in a while I really get curious about someone and who they are. All through the last fashion week I saw Kazz Yamamuro the editor in chief or WWD Japan run around to get to the shoes (before taking the picture, I did not know who he was) but the thing that always stoke my eye was that red briefcase, maybe without I would not easily recognize him, but I always recognized that  Loewe suitcase. It made me think that sometimes you may not need an actual look or accessory on you to be unique, the bag you carry all the time can just be part of your trademark. I know  it is not life changing but it is a nice clue for those looking for that little accent to differentiate themselves :).

Be Alluring,



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