Simon Baker @ Prix de Diane 2012

The Mentalist

Last Sunday at Le Prix de Diane we had one of the biggest stars of the small screen, Simon Baker who gained certain fame after appearing in The Devil Wears Prada as the sophisticated writer with a british (aussie) accent. It is true at the moment I did not think he was quite attractive but after the mentalist and seeing him in person I have changed my mind, he has that aussie charm and accent that gave him the role of spokesperson of the renowned watch brand Longines, official sponsor of the event. Yes, I had my opportunity to have the paparazzi moment (I am not a paparazzi) but yes a moment catcher that loves stars and what they provoke. In these moments I wish I was just a little taller to give you more star and less photographers bur I try compensate sharing the complete moment :).

Be Impeccable,



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