Chanel SS 2012

Black & White – Arizona & Stella

There is no combination I love most than black and white, you will never go wrong with that, wether it is spring or winter, if you chose the right materials and cuts it will always be chick  (maybe not for guys… ). Or using white or black (I confess black is my favorite color 🙂 ). Going back to fashion shows, here is a contrasting example at the Chanel ss 2012 show, in the sea-world Karl Lagerfeld created, he could not let black out, since it is Coco Chanel’s trademark. Here you have Stella Tenant (Karl’s favorite muse) wearing the can’t go wrong combination, and in front Arizona Muse (this the first picture I have ever published of her, and the first one I recognize her in… yes after 10,000 picture and more than 100 shows I sometimes don’t recognize the most famous models!!). Better later than never.

Be Coordinated,



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