Franca Sozzani

From the back

Franca Sozzani is the 62 year old editor in chief Vogue Italy. Of all the Vogue power house editors I finds that she is one of the most innovative and social conscious, she does try to use her power in and outside the magazine to make a difference or pass important messages. Recently she created the platform Vogue Curvy to lodge bloggers and articles that are targeting full figured women. She is the founding member of Child Priority a non profit organization created by Condé Nast to offer concrete study and work opportunities for those who have none, despite being talented and artistically gifted. And is involved in multiple environmental projects. Of course all this besides her amazing work as an editor and contributor in major fashion exhibitions and events. It is one of the personalities I admire most for that, I truly believe in a sector like fashion you have to invest part of your efforts on making a difference, considering the mediatic reach it has :).  I always see her in fashion weeks and she is always very discreet, has a very unique elegant style. But for some reason I always catch her from the back, partially because she is so recognizable even from there.

Make a Difference,



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