Shoes in Paris 4

Walter Steiger FW 2012

Like a kid with two barbies or two hot wheels I woke up this morning excited at 7:00 am to photograph the FW Walter Steiger Shoes, this red ones are called Saturdays (Being a Sunday, I accept I was inspired and also I like it to be almost empty when I photograph). Since I saw the fall winter catalogue every time I am running around Paris I am thinking  I would put a shoe here or there, at the bridge on a statue on Tuilleries, I really think I am little crazy passing my time where I am going to photograph shoes, but the truth is I love it and I literally have a great time with my shoes. I had some challenges, a dog decided to pi in my bag, a strange man started to get angry trowing trash cans on the air because I was taking the picture of a shoe in the statue and I think I will be the star of one or two videos or Asian tourists. But overall I had an amazing morning and I am very happy with the results I hope you too. Here are the first in the series at the “Pont des Arts” Perfect pair of red shoes for the famous “Bridge of Love”. Romantic no? A big Hug and thank you to the Celine and The Walter Steiger house.

Have an Amazing Week,



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