Beth Ditto and Susan Tabak

Instant Endorsement

Taking the fact the now is Beth Ditto time with the launch of the new album of Gossip “Joyful Noise” that is really amazing, you should check it out if you have not. Going back to the post, Fashion Week is a time where anything can happen and you may get so lucky that a star does an instant endorsement on your product. here Beth Ditto and Susan Tabak where talking at the Iris Van Herpen haute couture show, in the conversation Beth mentions to Susan she loves how she smells (she did smell good) and immediately she takes out a bottle of the perfume under her one brand named Sortir Le Soir and gives it to her as a gift, Ditto plays around becoming the coolest spoke person for a few seconds, all caught in camera in video. What else can you want. So there you go, a wonderful example of how important it is to always be prepared for the extraordinaire, your elevator speech, your product in the bag, whatever, luck is lurking every where :). You just have to catch it :).

Be Lucky,



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