Atelier Chardon Savard Defile 2012

Moments, Dreams and Joy

Why do you do what you do? That is my favorite question whenever I interview someone, that is what will make what you do ordinaire or extraordinaire. I love what I do, and this is one of the many things that makes my blog and my life. Sharing beautiful and inspiring moments :).

Last week I had the opportunity to go to the graduation fashion show of the Atelier Chardon fashion school in Paris, organized between the school and Totem Fashion with a jury with important members like Bernard Wilhelm, Kuki de Salvertes (founder of Totem)  among others that went to discover the new talents of the fashion world. Students of this school come from all over the world.  Each student showed a small collection and I felt I was having the opportunity on taking a peek on the future Alexander’s Mcqueen’s, Balenciagas, or simply a brand new name that will make his own mark.

But what thrills me most? Seeing these amazing talents in the beginning of their road, one filled with creativity, dreams and beauty. I had many photos but as I work with them I would take days, but I wanted to immortalize each one with their moment at the end of the show when they came out with their favorite model, happy, proud, shy and many other things, the photos speak for themselves. I dedicate this post to them wishing them all the luck and success as well as those following their hearts to make their dreams a reality. Whatever you do ask yourself why you do it, and chose as you can the things that mean something to you and where you can give your best, that is the biggest gift!




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