Pinel & Pinel

A glimpse @ Fred Pinel’s World

Many times I really feel grateful of having the opportunity to do what I do, I would say it is a nice gift. Having the opportunity to meet people, learn about their stories, getting a glimpse on what makes them tick and succeed is inspiring and a pleasure to share, so hopefully it makes you tick J. Today I had a pleasant afternoon visiting Fred Pinel at his Pinel & Pinel boutique at 22 rue Royale. I wanted to feature him since I met him while I was working in my previous job where I interviewed him and learned about his story. Fred started more than 10 years ago his brand, he decided to leave the world of advertising to do what he was meant to do, create. He started creating small leather accessories in joyful colors from lime green to purple, colors that are today his trademark (With the help  of his family he made the first prototypes). He started selling in trendy boutiques like Colette and Joseph. And it was Joseph (the Joseph of Joseph) that was his first client for the product that is today’s Pinel’s core products “La Malle” or “Trunk” in English. But not the regular one that was used in the last centuries, but those where you can put you collection of watches, you can put your bonsai, your luxurious pic-nic, your bike, anything you can conceive. He makes them to please your craziest desire, color; type of leather, drawers, the sky is the limit. You must wonder how did he go from little accessories to big trunks?, he found an old one from his family… This is how some big ideas come about, it is never a waste of time to go give a tour to your grandparents things, your big idea might just be there.

In all this time he has collaborated with major brands to create unique products like the Krug’s pic-nic trunk or Chivas Trunk-bar. Important personalities from sports (Michael Jordan), businessmen (Henri-Francois Penult), among many others (he prefers to be confidential on the list, he thinks is the personality’s choice to talk about it).

I had the opportunity to get to know the boutique which is beautifully decorated with little details that make it unique like books of art and comics laying around everywhere, even the bathroom has its perk with the fun lights.

The Cherry in the cake? Getting a chance to chat an hour with Fred, it was like a chat with an old friend. His views on creating your own thing and going for it in relation to the things you love. His advice: When you start something, first of all find something you are passionate about and stick to it till you see the end result, don’t quit halfway thinking it won’t work, he says sometimes one stops a step before achieving the goal. Find what you want make an a-z plan and compromise to it. Have fun. Very inspiring for me, I needed some of that advice J, and I will use it. He also shared with me what is in store for future projects and there is one that I know some ladies on the world will love, one of shoes with a very ambitious collaboration, you will see it here soon J.  To close up about the interview I have to say I love the Joy and Color in the Pinel & Pinel brand, there is a childlike feeling that makes you smile, you feel it all was created with love, how everything should actually. A big thanks to Fred for his time and sharing his inspiring thoughts.

Be Colorful,



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