Ulyana Sergeenko – Be your brand

The Flowered Dress

Ulyana Sergeenko  is a famous russian photographer and designer, she is there in every fashion week in Paris, sometimes in privileged positions like Christian Dior’s front rows, you simply will not miss her, her unique tall-beautiful physique, extravagant way of dressing and always being prepared to in some way to be photographed (all the time she stands as though she is wanting for someone to take a photo!). Her unique style of dressing, using many times very long skirts (romantic painting style)and dresses like the one you see in the pictures are her own creations and many are real beautiful, she has a distinct style that suits her perfectly. It is a great privilege I imagine to be a designer and be invited to most shows, having the opportunity to be seen and promote your brand in such a way. It makes me think of something I saw in a documentary a few days ago about creating your brand, when you are a person trying to create a personal brand (most cases of designers, we can say bloggers, chefs, anything that is creative and where you can become your own spokesperson) you have to ask yourself the questions: What am I about?, What story I want to tell? Why would people like me and buy what I create or want me to work with them?.  If you answer those questions correctly you create an authentic brand where you become the best ambassador-spoke person. In Fashion week you spot mostly those people and I have been talking about them for a while (Bryan Boy, Anna Dello Russo, Tom Ford, Viktor & Rolf) they reflect what they create, in a way Ulyana is a good example, that is why I wanted to talk about this, to make you meditate on those questions that will help you not only design a brand if that is your intention, but most importantly affirm who you are and leave your unique mark in whatever you are doing.

Be You,



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