Anna Dello Russo 4 H&M

The Guardian of Fashion

Here is the preview of the unique collaboration with Swedish giant H&M and my favorite fashion icon Anna Dello Russo. It seems to be everything we would expect of Anna’s flamboyant personality, bling, bling she would say. Here is the video where Anna talks about the collection, her inspiration (children books, the counter in her living room) and how she defines herself “A Guardian of Fashion”, very sweet to watch, affirming every reason why we love her :). What I love about her? She assumes in every extension who she is, how she wants to express herself and has fun with it. That is a good example to follow, even though we ma not want to wear a cherry hat to confirm our individuality, but maybe a cowboy hat… who knows? That is one up to each one of you, what is sure I do want to check the collection, as me many will (All fashion bloggers in the world), to see if there is something Violeta Purple may want to take to accent her personality! I will Keep you posted.
Be Flamboyant

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