Paris Brides

Between two worlds

Last Sunday between the rain and sun, finally the sun decided to stay in Paris and I decided to go with my best friend (Canon G11) for short assignments to take a walk and enjoy the beauty of the city in spring. I decided to head on to the Seine to photograph the Max Chaoul window, that also receives an amazing reflection of the Seine. To tell you a little about Chaoul, because he is the only bridal designer to have a store in Paris in such a location (Just besides Saint Germain in the Seine River). He is a recognized wedding dress couturier that has won several awards around the world including “Meilleur Createur Francais des Robes des Mariee”, “Best Designer of the Year” at the New York Bridal show among many others.He has clients from the four corners of the globe that come to realize their bridal dreams in long, puffy of knee length.  His designs are beautiful, I guess they can make dream the “soon to be brides” that come to Paris, as for me it is the reflections in the window that make me dream, the idea of two worlds not separated by a window, I called the post Paris Bride because in did the first picture with the puffy dress, the clouds and the reflection of the buildings and the river give you an impression  of “one” thing, a whole, and in someway is a perfect illustration of my theory that Paris if it had a gender it would be a beautiful woman. Anyway I just share with you one of the fun moments of the weekend and I dedicate this post to my mom, who always is asking me where are the Bride dresses in every couture show I go (Subliminal messaging…lol!). I now leave the dream world and go back to the real one to finish excel sheets for my business :).

Be Transparent,



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