Annie Leibovitz

A Tribute

I had a hard time doing this post, there are so many pictures of Annie Leibovitz I would love to share with you that I don’t think I would have the space. Annie Leibovitz is one of my favorite photographer’s of all times, if ever, ever I could have the wish granted, I would love my portrait taken by her (Who wouldn’t!  When I was growing up may mother gave me as a present two subscriptions to magazines, one was Vogue and the other Vanity Fair, my favorite photos where mainly in Vanity Fair and where taken by Leibovitz. I still remember those covers I think she has photographed everybody that is someone in the world (politics, celebrity, fashion) but not only that, she has done it with her own personal touch, that motion picture/epic on a photograph that only her can succeed. She started her career in Rolling Stone Magazine on the seventy’s, where she defined the photography styles that we still see today, she took the last picture ever of John Lennon (naked with his wife Yoko) he was killed 5 hours later! And that cover became a tipping of the 20th century. She has worked on Vanity Fair and collaborated with the biggest magazines around the globe. She has created iconic pictures of our times (Demi Moore pregnant for the Vanity Fair Cover or Tom Ford with a naked Scarlett Johansson and Keira Knightley).  Since the beginning of her career she has taken risks to make her visions a reality and follow her soul purpose of capturing the world through her unique eye.

She is famous for her cinematic scope that we can appreciate in the advertising campaigns she has shot (Louis Vuitton and Disney), but also her more personal work where she shares with us the happiness and darker side of her life, being able to demonstrate that not everything is about fantasy but also there is life that is worth recording in all its aspects.

 Annie Leibovitz has had her share of tragedy and trouble in her life. She has taken chances when she didn’t know where the road would lead. Her whole career has been spent in pursuit of her dream of just taking pictures. It has not been all fame and glory, but she has been able to do what she loves.

That is what life is all about :).

Be a Visionaire ,



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