Alfredo Salazar

The Mexican Eye

In the heart of the Marais in Paris at the trendy Candelaria between Modelo beers and tacos, Alfredo shared with me how he came to Paris to take his photographer’s career to an international level, but most of all following his heart and make his dream come true.

Before we got into serious conversation, he pursued me to have a taco (let me quote “taco sur measure”, very good idea, because I was watching Luis (Chef and one of the founders of the Candelaria) prepare them it is very possible my attention would have been elsewhere…(it is normal! I am Mexican!).

Enough of the food and down into business.

Alfredo Salazar is an accomplished Mexican photographer that grew up Jalapa, Veracruz,  but started  his career in Monterrey, where he enjoyed enough success to decide it was time for more. Seven years ago he moved to Paris where it all began. Today he collaborates with the biggest international publications of fashion and art working with important names like Chanel.

Alfredo’s unique style comes from his background in video and film making, he looks at his subjects like characters of a story, famous fashion journalist Georgina Oliver described it best Think Alfred Hitchcock. There is someone else in the room. Something is about to happen. Via his portraits, fashion stills and still-lifes of clothes and objects, “Alfredo Hitchcock” zeroes in on “stillness” : Stop in the name of photography! You’re under arrest!”.  All his portraits as you will see on his website and his magazine Alfredo Bookzine have an alluring touch that surfaces the personality of his subjects, we could say a trademark that will make us one day recognize his photos.

His coming to Paris was a realization of a dream, “As long as I can remember I wanted to be in this city, not only for my self but I tribute to my mother who loved Chanel” Today he has not only come to Paris but worked directly on a shoot with the Chanel House at the headquarters at Place Vendome. But everything did not happen in one day, Alfredo’s path has been lucky but as every success story it takes time, hard work and a positive attitude, good example to follow for all that are in the pursue of their dreams. Alfredo’s philosophy all through the way is to stick to his style and vision, he does not want to adapt or modify for others , “ Who ever likes my photos and style it is ok, but if not I am not changing it for the sake of being accepted, being authentic is key for me” “ I hope one day, my style is so established that it will be recognized with out putting my name”.

Alfredo thrives on the exchange of experiences with his subjects (his and theirs), it is this what pops out, specially in portraits  and gives them a  human allure . You will see what he is talking about on his last bookzine, some amazing portraits of Tilda Swinton, Gareth Pugh and other fashion celebrities who have been arrested in the name of photography.

On a last note Alfredo will experiment more in video and work on the script of his future film. Looking forward to see that!

For me it was a pleasure meeting a sweet fellow Mexican that is living his dreams in this magical city of lights…. and also discovering my second house: La Candelaria :).

Be Authentic,



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