Jean Paul Gaultier & Coca Light

Serial Designer

After the collaboration with Karl Lagerfeld and Sonia Rykiel, Coca Cola teamed up with “L’enfant terrible” / I go more for “L’enfant adorable” Jean Paul Gaultier. Creating two bottles one for day (blue marine stripes) and one for the night (black corset). The bottles where launched last week with several events here and there including a full display at Colette, before the launch there where several teasing on tv and the internet,with a campaign named “The Serial Designer” where Jean Paul is guilty of re-vamping the style three different celebrity dolls, here you have one to get a taste. He is just sweet with his french accent in english. I wonder if we drink enough of these bottles he could come and do the same with us??… Anything is possible right?
Be Light,

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