Martinez – Lierah Fall Winter 2012

Future Couture

Last Wednesday I had the opportunity to meet with Daniel Lierah from the duo of Martinez-Lierah. It was a wonderful surprise, for many reasons, one Daniel is mexican ( it makes me very happy to meet people from my own country and be able to support their work) specially when it is amazing. Second the story on how they started their collection, out of the bloom, Daniel Lierah and Arturo Martinez both studied fashion design  and worked for the biggest brands (Rick Owens, Louis Vuitton, Alexis Mabille, Sergio Rossi), both tired of the long hours invested for others decided to create their first collection, here is where the extraordinary part comes, instead of going in the planning, buying fabrics, sketching for weeks they just decided to take whatever material they had at home to create the first collection, then the look-book was house made with a friend model, photographer and a wall. Collection-Book done, they sent it to magazines and got a great response that they decided they would just go into creating their label and that is how they created their Fall Winter collection that you see in the pictures presented at Barcelona 80 at the beginning of the year. Then their first salon TRANOI, they sold some pieces, Daniel tells me, we did not think we would sell anything! I would, the clothes are amazing, in their simplicity they are complicated and futuristic offering innovation and vision through unique forms and cuts, you can see some influence of Owens in the collections but with a unique inspiration. In the material side they used innovative wool fabrics and mixed it with metal/silky  threads . Now this is for the clothes, but the shoes kick it up a notch, giving us the impression of floating in the air and without a heel, for letting you have innovative steps on your wardrobe. He tells me the inspiration is memory in the brain how the actual place that can hold the different memories in the mind is held by a very thin line… it makes me think of The Matrix, I will let you interpret it yourself:). Lierah promised me to lend me a pair to take them in Paris to find a nice corner to immortalize them :), I look forward to that and see the development of this fresh new brand that is here to stay, I am sure will break some fashion codes and give a lot to talk about. And a lesson to all, don’t think yo much, if you want to do something or create something in your life just start with whatever you have, the rest will come as needed. Everything you need, might be just beside, just that you maybe thinking to much.

Be in advance,



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