Front Row Christian Dior, FW 2012

The Arnaults

When I came to France several years ago my dream was to work in Fashion, I studied a master in the Marketing and Management of the Luxury Industry with the hopes of one day working at company like Louis Vuitton or Christian Dior. In those years a person that really intrigued me was Bernard Arnault, one of the richest men in France and we could say the emperor of the luxury business, taking over french fashion houses that where on the rocks and launching them as world empires, I read articles about him, listened to interviews, different things to understand how he thinks. And then his son Antoine Arnault, who is quite cute and discreet (too bad Mrs. Vodianova got him!, well she is stunning, what can we expect), Antoine gave Louis Vuitton the communication twist that made the brand even more desirable through the stars that have paraded in their campaigns from Madonna to Gorvachev passing by Bono and JLo, now he is the head of Berluti with the ultimate objective of making this shoe luxury brand go beyond dressing the feet to dressing the man, I am really curious how it will all turn out. And then Delphine Arnault the discreet business woman always near her father in some way that is managing the other giant of the group, Christian Dior besides the charismatic Sidney Toledano. So yes I wanted to work within this group and sometimes I flipped magazines and see the front rows where they were, and dreamed of being there one day, I even cut out some of them to put them at sight and remind of my crazy dreams. Never would have guessed I would be in front of them, so yes life has it’s funny twists and ways to take you where you want to be, sometimes in a very different way that you expected, the key is to be open and never underestimate the power of believing everything is possible and your creative power. To finish, yes I did try to work for them, I sent CV’s, crazy projects delivered in crazy ways, I had some interviews but never something happened, but in a way I am grateful because I may not have lived all these amazing adventures, and today I hope more to keep covering what they do and maybe one day make a unique collaboration. Time to take dreams to another level.

Be Boundless,



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  1. Beautiful and meaninful story, Yavi never givr UP what your heart tells you to do & to photograph!
    See you around very soon.

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