Galerie 208 , T- Vazquez

Dessine-moi le monde

This is a cool post for me because it is about people that follow their dreams and go for it. My friend Alex who is the beautiful girl in the photos, left her day job a few months ago to follow her passion of Art and decided to become an  Artist manager, since then she has held several exhibitions in Paris she represents talents  from Venezuela giving them a window here in Paris. Tony Vazquez (handsome looking guy in front of the collage/painting) worked several years as a Creative Director in advertising before fully dedicating himself as an Artist, for the last years he has exhibited in several fairs and galleries in London, USA, Venezuela and Paris, including big shows like Art Basel. Last week he had an exhibition organized by Alex at the Galerie 208 in the heart of Saint Germain. His work is really nice as he mixes images he collects here, there and everywhere, the figures out how to put them together and the final touch is painting over them, quite a process and perfect combination for fans of collages and painting, Please visit his site here to see more of his work and if you are for more details you and contact Alex at . It was a collective presentation, I put pictures of the other artist Stephane Chavanis that is specialized on funky metal sculptures, quite fashionable in the world of Contemporary Art.  A big hug to both and all the luck.

Be Daring,



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