Tokuko 1er Vol Fall Winter 2012 -2013

A journey to Constantinopla

Designer Maeda of the label Tokuko 1er Vol, likes to make her travels the main inspiration of her collections taking them in some way to the extreme of interpretation. Last season she did the mexico filled with color an in inspiration of Frida Kahlo and this season she takes us to Turkey deep down its culture, as a turkish I see many things you would not find in main stream bazaar’s like the renowned Grand Baazar but things in other towns like Capadoccia and its surroundings of course with her touch, you would not find those prints of ” Constantinoplian Girls” (If we could call the that šŸ™‚ ) But for sure she made a creative mix of everything she found, it must be fun to do that create your collection from your last vacation. I will in the next days Mexico which is really cute also.

Be Well Travelled,



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