Avenue Montaigne

My Midnight in Paris

This is a first post of a kind,  I rarely take windows at night and I practically never put pictures of me n the blog, I am not a huge fan of my own pictures, but there are always exceptions and that is what makes life fun. As I returned home one night last week in Paris, I had my best friend for the city Canon G11 with me. The night was clear and not as cold so I dared to just go walking to have my own midnight in Paris, just I did not hope to see Hemingway or Fitzgerald like Owen Wilson, more into maybe seeing Chanel or Poiret. While I was trying to find them (I am just kidding, I have not lost my mind) I was stopping to photograph the windows of Louis Vuitton, Ungaro, Prada, Fendi and Dolce & Gabbana. I discovered a new hobby taking self portraits on the reflections of windows, little mirrors or anything where I could play with light and reflection, I guess every artist has that little perk…Don’t worry I don’t think I will take it to the Frida Kahlo extent ;), it is just a bumble moment. As I was having fun in my little bubble someone just called me out, of course I he scared the hell our of me,  you don’t expect that in the middle of the night and it was Luiz, one f my dearest friends from fashion week, you can see him in the pictures, he is a styling star nobody, has the capability to create those outrageous styles that simply fit him perfectly, event the famous street style photographer from the New York Times Cunningham follows him everywhere in Fashion week. I wish I had that talent for super styling… but I will settle with making it by taking amazing pictures :).

Be Surprised



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