Made in France

Yesterday was the opening of the trade show  Made in France – Salon de l’Haute Facon , a small salon that gathers all of France’s expert hands in the different crafts that make french haute-couture fashion possible, not necessarily on the literal sense Haute Couture, but very specialized techniques also used in pret-a-porter, lingerie, leather goods  and accessories. We could say where France’s biggest names in the industry produce their goods. To open the show some of the most important people came to support the exhibition, the president of the Federation Francaise de la Mode Mr. Didier Grumbach, couturiers Alexis Mabille, Christophe JosseJulien Fournie, Yassen Samoulov, Chantal Thomas, it was really nice to see them in civilian outside the shows and some of the like Christophe Jose looking and playing with the fabrics, Julien Fournie who told me the next collection is going to be amazing!, just that, the process of creation. The amazing photographs in big format and in the site were taken by Herve Dewintre from the website The Mode. My pictures for this post look kind of oldie-polaroid style, as though it is 1970’sh I think I am having an obsession with those years…lol!

Be Industrious,



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