Florence and The Machine

Between Cranberries and Maxwell Parish

  Tuesday I had the opportunity to assist to the Florence and the Machine concert held in the Casino de Paris, thanks to my dear friend Muriel 🙂 to whom I dedicate this post. I confess I did not know her (Until I realized she sang on last year’s CHANEL SS 2012 presentation on SeptemberNo surprise Mr. Karl always has a smell for those groups that will be the hit of the moment, I should be more like Karl…. Florence has an amazing voice and mystical thing about her reminding me of Enya meets The Cranberries  (more Cranberries than Enya ;), I love the perception of her music  “I want my music to sound like throwing yourself out of a tree, or off a tall building, or as if you’re being sucked down into the ocean and you can’t breathe”, she does succeed in her quest at moments . The lights of the concert reminded me of the color palette of one of my favor artists/illustrators Maxwell Parrish.  The concert was really beautiful opening with a very cool band Spector that actually I liked a lot (maybe a little more than Florence…but shhhh) I love the voice of the leading singer, vintage look and kind of reminds me of those rock high school years. Anyways you will  discover by your own visiting both artists site. Thank you again to Mumu and my nice company who took some of this pictures, so I can’t get all the credit. As a last note it is at moments like this that I kind of smile to my self because through the images and music it stays with you, and those are the little moments that give that magic to life. Enough philosophy ;).

Be Dashing,



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  1. Oh Lord!! I’m dying to see Florence live and you saw her and didn’t even know who she was?!! I’m officially jealous:( She’s been my favourite artist for over a year now, she’s AMAZING and that’s that!

      • Well that’s the beauty of art in the end, there’s always some new (or old) artist to discover!! We can’t know them all!:)

      • Narnia! Also known as Transylvania:) This unfortunately implies extra costs to see my favourite artists because many of them don’t come here in Romania. Oh well, thank God for the Internet for now or I’d be completely in the dark about everything!:) Do you live in Paris?? I’ll really be jealous if you do:)

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