Augustin Teboul Fall WInter 2012- 2013

The Kubrick Girl

Augustin Teboul the duo formed by German-born Annelie Augustin and French-born Odély Teboul has created one of the most talked about german brands in Berlin and outside. Why? Their eclectic collection with Haute Couture details, each piece of their collection is crafted with flawless craftsmanship and fine materials, yet always with surreal inspiration, that flows from their clothes to their presentations, they know how to surprise attendees each time. Last fashion week they presented in a big Lofty Gallery having girls in different parts of the gallery playing a role of their own , having their own story, from a girl in an elevator to a this girl coming down and up the stairs giving us all those sensual fatal looks, her look and styling reminds me of Kubricks’ characters… Here I leave you with her. Wishing you a happy, sunny weekend :).

Be Surreal,



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