A Diva in the Crowd

Dressed in Tattoos

Something that turns on the love in what I do, is finding stories on the moment, some seconds where the images can really tell an unedited story, there are characters, lights and candid emotion, it was not planned or expected, it is just there waiting to be captured. It is not about fashion, dresses or time, just an opportunity to immortalize a moment like great painters did at sometime and now we do it with our cameras. At the Berlin Fashion Week, the first show I saw from Lena Hoschek I saw this intriguing woman tattooed all over, just with a simple strapless dress. Some people noticed her, some did not and that is what is fun to watch at the pictures, she just stands there authentic as she is as everything happens around not necessarily related to her, but with her imposing look she becomes the main character of the story, it is exciting to see this from a distance, so here I share it with you. As spring starts I hope your life is filled with unedited experiences that make the story of your life magical.

Be Captured,



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