Louis Vuitton Sunglasses 2012

Cool People Campaign

I just received this fresh from the Louis Vuitton press office. I thought the way they made the campaign is quite cool and fun. Inspired on the Andy Warhol style and picking some of the hipest artist in the international art scene, they found a creative way to display their new collection. I chose two of my favorite people, Andre, one of the most famous parisians in the fashion and club scene, this graffiti artist and like they call him “king” of the night of major cities from Paris to LA owning some of the most popular clubs, also recognized for his own stylish ways. And Olympia Le Tan the designer of those intellectual book bags that not only make the perfect accessory of that intellectual fashionista, also very well known in Paris with her dishing Betty Page style. To top in all once you go to the link here you will have the song in your head for the next hour (s).

Be Cool,



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