Erdem ss 2012 – Trends for Spring

Print in Love

A few weeks ago I entered into Colette (trend center of paris), to do my monthly browse of what was new, I confess it is there when I first discovered Erdem, even before commenting of his fall winter 2012 collection, that did steal my heart away (that is why you go to Colette, to discover things) . But his spring summer did also, as I was in the store looking at a skirt and top, I had a happy moment like when you see a nice painting in the museum, and a big reason where the prints, they are AMAZING. He has mastered the art of print and lucky for him this 2012 will have print as a leading trend in spring and winter. I truly believe that this print love has started with Mary Katranzou’s, daring proposals in the subject, but the industry has nicely followed creating some of the best prints, patterns and brocades in years:). As for me I have in my future goals become a rising stars ambassador (not only in photos but wearing the clothes) and bright star Erdem is on top of my list :). here I share some of my favorite pieces.

Be Amazing,



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