Haider Ackermann Fall Winter 2012


If there is one show during fashion week that I did not see but really wanted to see, it is the one of Haider Ackermann. After talking to many journalists that have been covering fashion for years, they have said that this was not a very exciting season, many labels and designers played “safe”, trying to create clothes that could be worn right off the runway. Looking back they are kind of right I don’t have the same feeling as I have not done this all my life, may things are amazing. Yet, because I have followed fashion from a distance for a long time I can distinguish, who is innovating and making a mark. Haider Ackermann is one of them, he inventing silhouettes, mixing fabrics and creating his trademark. The common point with the rest of the collections is that theme of masculinity and power (military chic), but with unique volumes and shapes. As I see the collection I think of the future the year 2030 maybe. How Dior changed a silhouette at his times, this shapes are innovative and could dictate a trend in the future (that is to see). But in a general term Ackermann has made his mark for the following season showing us a strong, vanguardist,  powerful woman.

Be a Revolutionaire,



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