Viktor & Rolf Fall Winter 2012 – 2013

Ana Dello Russo & The Yellow Coat

If I was a designer and did not have a real budget for advertising or communication, I would make it my goal to design something for Ana Dello Russo and find a way to convince her to wear it, no magazine will give you the advertisement she would be able to give you if she wears something of your brand during fashion weeks, all major bloggers, photographers of magazines and even tourists of the four corners of the world photograph her, so most probably your creation’s picture will end up between Paris, Tokyo and even in some home in Idaho where a tourist had the opportunity to photograph in Paris the funkiest fashionista. I really like her, I guess you already know that, I have featured her so many times in my blog, but the truth is you just  can’t help it, you want to take you own picture of her and the moment she provokes around her. Also she is approachable, she likes to be photographed and has fun with it, so it is a win, win for everybody involved. Please, young designers, get creative and you don’t know what might happen, just check out the eyes ring she is wearing, I assure you it is not Givenchy or Chanel, I am trying to find out, the coat is Fendi and the shoes Tom Ford.

Be a Fashionista,



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