Jiki Fall Winter 2012 – 2013

An Air of Couture

Jiki is a brand from Monaco that just had their first presentation in Paris during the Fashion Week with their new artistic director Mehdi Soussane, who was hired in 2011. This new collaboration means a new era for the brand created in 1984 and recently acquired by Theodore Giorgi the CEO of Tefilex Group.  Mehdi who has worked in some of the best fashion houses in the world Lacroix, McQueen, Givenchy and recently he was the right hand of Peter Dundas at Ungaro, has created a collection inspired on the Metomorphosis of water, going from ice to flowing water the different dresses are inspired on this important element. I love presentations because you can really appreciate up close the dresses, you can meet the designer and have your time to feel the collection. I thought his collection had great craftsmanship in it, as I mentioned in some cases like some Haute Couture pieces I have scene, he plays nicely with the corset and details over it (for the harder pieces) and has a very nice flow on the long evening gowns that really resembled that feeling of water specially the last dress that was amazing. They will also be launching soon a new leather line, I will keep you posted on that. In the meanwhile all the success in this new era for the brand.

Be in Renaissance,



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