Miu Miu Fall Winter 2012

Katy Perry and the war for the picture

Yes, if you have been following the Paris Fashion week you know by now that Katy Perry was there, I was in 3 shows in the same week with her (Viktor and Rolf, Chanel, Miu Miu) but never could get a descent picture :(. I even fought and dislike her bodyguard (no, not because I wanted a picture, because at Viktor and Rolf he forced himself to sit in front of me with his huge head that I have been forced to crop on many pictures, so yes I hate him and paparazzi’s) At merely 1.60m with a gentle attitude this is the best I could get, which is not that bad but I can share with you the moment, how crazy it can get when a star arrives or leaves a show. In this case it was when she left the Miu Miu fall winter presentation. But don’t worry I have 2 very fun pictures from Chanel ;), I will soon share with you.

Be Industrious,



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