Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2012

The Vuitton Express

The last day of Paris Fashion Week starts with the much anticipated Louis Vuitton show (this is my first ever!!), everybody asks themselves what will Marc Jacobs do this time, from Carousels, to Hotels, he has done quite a lot so he puts the bar higher and higher. This season he has managed to impress the world live and virtual ones, through the construction of a Train Station. Before the show started we could see we where at the station but not necessarily see a train coming, and so he did. We smoke in the beginning like old trains  we saw a train arrive with more than 50 models and their butlers, as they arrived to their destination they came down one by one and here we go. The collection was it good?, we could say yes, but the trouble part is we see a little Prada and Marc’s New York Collection, but the work on certain pieces was superb. On a Marketing note, simply brilliant, through the butlers of the girls you can see 3 bags per look, from hand bags to suitcases, I think we might have never see that many bags in one Louis Vuitton ready to wear show. More Images to follow :).

Be Inventive,



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