Yves Saint Laurent Fall Winter 2012

Caller Lilis and Good Bye

Before talking about one of the important events of the Fashion Week (The last collection of Stefano Pilati), I have to share with you making this post is quite moving for me. Ever since I was a kid, I used to watch fashion in print through Vogue or Hola,  Yves Sait Laurent was present, a person I admired, I even remember when I watched on television when he gave his historical show at the 1998 world cup, and how much I wished I was there. At that time if you would have told me I would be sitting in Paris covering his show, I would have most probably laughed and tell you, you are crazy. After this week and a year of doing this I feel in love with what I do, I kind of smile in the street, they must even think either I am crazy or I must I have had a great night… but the truth is I feel so grateful to be where I am and having the opportunity of doing what I am doing, you know that my blog is about fashion, but more is about passion, dreaming and following that heart, trusting that what you want can come true, and sometimes more than sharing with you the trends and shows I hope to inspire you to Go for it! In what ever it is you want, it starts with a vision in your mind, little or big actions and faith all the time J.

 Today Stefano Pilati showed his last collection at the house of Yves Saint Lurent, the show took place in the Galerie de Minerologie in the 5th arrondisement in Paris. Like Tisci, Ackerman and other designers I think the theme is Power, the Yves Saint Laurent Woman for this season is powerful and sophisticated, but you don’t loose the feminity because of that, his way of doing that, putting the Caller Lilli here and there (prints, embroidery, jewelry). The silhouette was slim, with a lot of pants and knee length dresses, he proposed original tailored short jackets. Wether it was a dress or a suit, the waist was accentuated by a thick belt that was the trademark of the collection as well as the silver caller lilli necklaces that accentuated several looks. Color wise he stayed sober, using black as the main color and turning to white, purple, green and grey. I love the green, bottle green is my favorite J. At the end of the show everybody clapped and yelled a way of saying good bye. We will see what will happen for the Yves Saint Laurent House and its new artistic director, only time will tell, it is time of change in this fashion world A Muddle like Suzy Menkes describes in her latest articles.

Be Honorable,



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