Paco Rabanne Fall Winter 2012

Chic Metal

Last season Manish Arora gave his big debut as the artistic director of the Paco Rabanne house, that collection that was a little more show than collection and picked up some of the codes of the brand, the color of Manish and some cuts and volumes of Mugler, was a good debut. But this season Arora interprets Rabanne, presenting his collection at one the Grand Palais at the heart of Paris, he takes the codes that made the house famous in the 60’s and 70’s (the use of golden and silver metal) , the architecture of the dresses, the play with transparency.  Many iconic pieces of the house where reinterpreted this season, the mini metallic dress that once wore Bridgitte Bardot was re-edited in an original version, and adapted to new variations. And as the press kit stated the palette of colors is mastered: gold, silver, white, stainless steel black and electric blue. This collection could really be a renaissance of the brand  a tunnel to the 21st century, adapting it to modern times and being safe on the retail side. My only disappointment is I kind of missed the Arora spark, not claiming his creativity and beauty where not there, but that colorful-fun-happy thing was absent. I will let you decide for that. But what I can tell you is I LOVE that metal heel in the shoes, as a little preview I can tell you this shape of heel in metal (like Rabanne and Yves Saint Laurent) or transparent (Chanel) will be seen here and there from next fall.

Be Alluring,



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