Lanvin Fall Winter 2012

Happy10th  Anniversaire Alber!!

The Lanvin 10th anniversary show was almost like a dream. Alber elbaz has been managing the creative direction of the House of Lanvin for 10 years, under his reign Lanvin has known unparalleled development, profit and one very important thing it has earn the love of the press and fashionistas. You just can’t help to love the brand, it is fun, beautiful and innovative and there it is thanks to Alber’s vision.

This collection mainly composed by dresses that carried the trademarks of the last years, ruffles, bold colors (among them the Lanvin blue of course), some flowers motifs and brocades and of course amazing accessories from the big baroque necklaces to the different kind of clutch’s big sized belts and more.

This is for the collection, as for the event and attendees it was simply amazing,  a little like a dream in the collage of images you will see everything from Tilda Swinton who was in front of me to Jessica Alba passing by Mrs. Ana Wintour and Dita Von Teese. The most important fashion editors and buyers of the world where there. At the end of the catwalk show instead of Alber coming out and saluting as always the curtains lift to unveil an amazing set with a giant chandelier and a band, Alber shyly and sweetly started to sing and after his joyful song and walk on the catwalk the huge party began.

It was truly a dreamy experience, a « Fun Party » like they put in the invitation.

I want to dedicate this post to my dear friend who is really helping me a lot in this fashionable adventure not only with these miracles but his friendship as well to everybody who has some crazy dreams in fashion or beyond. Listen to your heart and hang in there, take those big or small crazy steps and don’t loose faith when it is a little though, your dreams are worth it.

Be Extraordnianire,



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  1. I have to say that Lanvin is the show I always look forward to the most. The clothes are so me I simply love the elegance and creativity!

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