Peachoo Krejberg Fall Winter 2012

Peachoo Krejberb are a duo of different backgrounds, one is from  India (Peachoo Datwani) and the other from Denmark (Roy Krejberg). The came together in 2004 in Paris to create their brand based on uniting different cultures, style codes all throughout the architecture of clothes. As you will see in this collection they like to mix volumes, soft fabrics and textures, using soft simple colors like grey, white, blue and having shiny silver the glitzy touch to the simplicity. They like to have an extravagant touch through their head pieces, in this case I would say torso pieces! made out of feathers, which as a cool detail when they came out in the show they put the sound of birds, (original birds I would say 🙂 )

Be Boundless,

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