Gareth Pugh Fall Winter 2012

Magical Darkness

There is always something dark and powerful on everything Gareth Pugh creates. An extraordinary way to cut certain pieces, like the first leather dress it is alms like Haute Couture, avery luxurious work for Pret-a-Porter. We will not easily find something simple in his work there is such a richness in the use of fabrics, the different pieces put together and the volumes that each piece is a construction by itself. This season practically all in black in tones of grey and blue, Gareth showed different volumes than other seasons, going narrow on top and wide in the bottom. It is a little too dark for me, but some pieces are just a piece to put in a Museum.

Be Exuberant,



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  1. Gareth is a genius! Love how he used leather combined with fur (fake fur I hope..:) everything is so sexy even though the models are pretty covered up! He challenges me to think twice about his pieces and what he meant by creating them the way he did so it’s always exciting to see his collections!

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