Giorgio Armani Fall Winter 2012

Just Classic

Many people love Giorgio Armani’s style, unfortunately today I am not among them, I do admire him a lot for his unique business sense and some of his work but today I don’r think he really amazes, don’t take me wrong he does beautiful, tasteful things but nothing I see extraordinaire in the design, he seems to make the same thing always but in another color of fabric with a smaller or bigger hat, but at the end it is the same, when so many younger designers are really impressing. It goes to yesterday’s comment on the Oscars. why? these stars don’t go new?…a specific case, Penelope’s Cruz’s dress, I did not even put it, because, yes it is pretty but that is it, no more. I would think Glenn Close would wear Armani (it is more her generation) and no she wore Zac Posen and simply looked great! . I do think there is some renovation in style to do in Armani, but I will let you see the collection and judge for yourself.

Be Innovative, please



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