Versace Fall Winter 2012

A tribute to Gianni

Suzy Menkes wrote yesterday for the New York times that this Versace fall winter collection was a tribute to Gianni’s last collection in 1997. In deed some of the pieces have some of Gianni written all over, some of the silvery-colden shiny fabric, the asymmetric dresses, the leather  and the crosses. Some of the dresses and specially leather pierces where quite nice, but as much as I can say they are inspired on his designs you can see also Donatella has made her thing, I do like the collection but it is far from what Gianni did in that last show (I am little subjective maybe, he was my idol…so I will let you decide as always) to be clear that I do see the great pieces in the collection, just that there is something missing… In any case I bet you, we are seeing one or two of this dresses on Oscar night.

Be Unique,




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