Prada Fall Winter 2012

Shoes for Prints

I am not yet sure I love the Prada fall winter collection, I don’t mean that in a bad way, but it is not like in Spring Summer where I was hit direct in the heart with the whole fire and vintage concept in the shoes and the collection. Here the print rich collection (like mens’)  with big stone details in the neck and coats, very loyal to Prada’s style, was ok but when it comes to prints I think this season there are better, but it is just a personal opinion. In the other hand the shoes are simply pieces of collection for those who collect them each one different and matching each look where simply superb, here you can see some examples. In the comfortable shoes (thet everybody in fashion land had a pair) , she made her last year’s trademark shoe evolve and I am very sure it will be a hit this year also with men and women. Lastly the styling was really  beautiful with long bi-color hair with contrasting tones. So we can’t deny Prada’s rulership in this fashion kingdom, but this season I think men got the best part.

Be Superb,




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