Etro Fall Wnter 2012

Etro is one of the fashion houses  that has very defined trademarks and codes that if you like the brand you will be able to recognize it. Mixing textures, patterns (that belong in someway to the brand) and certain cuts that are attached to the brand, but to clarify that they are not boring or monotonous, contrary they know how to work it . It all comes to the roots of the house, Gimmo Etro de Founder – Father of the brand launched on the fashion business with a unique collection of fabrics, today his children Veronica, Ipolito, Kean and Jacopo Etro have kept the heart of the brand to keep it developing with time. Here is another collection that proves this family knows how to work together, and in an interview with them I heard it is in the kitchen where they make their biggest decision…. that is why I want a big kitchen :).

Be in Family,



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