Alberta Ferreti Fall Winter 2012

Sheer, Leather and Purple 

I have to confess the first look of the Alberta Ferreti Fall Winter 2012 reminded me of this and last seasons Gucci Collection, the flower and the silky fabric, and as I saw some of the pieces of the collection I almost thought I would see the same, but then came those amazing leather pieces handcrafted on unique ways, one skirt reminded me to the “intrinseco” technique of the Bottega Veneta , but beautifully adapted to the clothes.  The man color of the collection was black, but there where sparks of solid colors in between, red, white, electric blue and….. Purple, she must have been thinking about me, I am sure (lol!). The only thing I do know is that the mixed leather and cashmere coat does say Yavidan, I just can’t help it. I am seeing a lot of sheer in the Milan collections, we will see what the following days say, in the mean time I will dream of a black coat and flowers.

Be Purple,



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